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Along Sugartown Road in Malvern stands the remarkably intact and lovingly restored, 19th-century village of Sugartown. In the early 1800s, with the American Revolution behind them, Sugartown’s early residents established a school, general store, businesses and meeting places, creating a vibrant crossroads that provided goods and services to its surrounding farming community. The village was soon known as Shugart’s Town, after tavern keeper Eli Shugart, and served as a vital stop for weary travelers hauling wagonloads of goods to the markets of Philadelphia and other parts of the county. Sugartown remained a social, educational, commercial and municipal center throughout the 1800s.

Today, Sugartown offers a window into American life in an early 19th-century rural crossroads village. Through the preservation efforts of Historic Sugartown, Inc., visitors experience how people came together to conduct business, exchange news, and shared their lives as a community.

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Historic Sugartown is open for guided tours of the village on Sundays from noon to 4pm from May through November. Tickets can be purchased online in advance or on site.

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Our Mission

We strive to inspire the community to engage with the past through authentic 19th-century experiences,
participate in the village’s present life and protect it for the future.

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