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Marbling is the art of floating and designing watercolors on a base fluid then permanently transferring the design to paper. It was developed by the Persians in the 15thC. The participants will be instructed in preparing the paper to accept the paint; mixing the colors for marbling; creating the base fluid; floating the colors on the base, then designing them; and transferring the design to paper.

Advanced Paper Marbling: This advanced class covers common uncombed patterns from the first half of the 19th century and earlier. We will use modern pigments as well as explore the grinding and making some of our own pigments as we learn Shell, Stormont, Glouster, Italian Hair vein and other period uncombed patterns.

Cost per Person*:
Advanced Workshops: $110/Adult (Ages 14 and up)

Class size is limited to 4 people. Minimum class size of 3 people must be met to run the workshop.

Length of Class:
Advanced: Typical class lasts about 5 hrs

Lunch: We invite participants to bring a lunch to eat during the regular workshop. We have a refrigerator available if needed. Evening workshop participants do not need to bring lunch.

Please review the Workshop Cancellation Policy before registering.

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