Hannah Cheever House

Hannah Cheever constructed her home on Spring Road in 1835. She was recently widowed by Samuel Cheever, the owner of the Sign of the Spread Eagle Inn, where Eli Shugart once served as proprietor. When Samuel died 1830, Hannah continued to run the tavern until she married Isaac Ringwalt. The Ringwalts eventually left Sugartown in 1845, selling their home to Gideon Taylor, who practiced his trade as a tailor at the house. Eventually Nathan Williams and his wife Susannah purchased the home in 1861. That year, Nathan’s son Granville married Elizabeth S. Worrall, daughter of Sharpless and Abigail. Nathan and Susannah turned their home and farm business on Boot Road over to Granville, and moved to the Cheever property, making it very convenient for Granville and “Lizzie” to visit their in-laws. Nathan was a frequent shopper at the General Store.

In early 2000, a “for sale” sign went up on the Cheever House property, advertising an “antique farmhouse with attached tenant house and large bank barn” on the corner of Sugartown and Spring Road. Fearing that the early 19th-century home and barn would be knocked down to make way for a sub-division, Historic Sugartown stepped in to purchase and restore the property. Today, Historic Sugartown rents out the Cheever House to provide critical operating funds for the organization.