It’s Your Sugartown

Collecting Your Village Memories

The village of Sugartown and Willistown Township have been here a long time, and so have many of its residents! As we’ve shared photos of Historic Sugartown’s restoration on FaceBook, several people have commented about their memories of various happenings, both at Sugartown and the surrounding community. We decided that Historic Sugartown should collect and preserve these memories!

Did you grow up here? Do you remember specific things from Historic Sugartown’s early restoration efforts? We want to collect memories like these, as well as other stories and any photographs people are willing to share. The stories and photographs you submit will help Historic Sugartown bring the village’s history up to the present, and hopefully help us unearth “new” old photographs that no one has seen before. Whether the photos are from 1880, 1980 or today, we want to hear from you! We envision an open and interactive collection that our community can enjoy and help build! This project will also support future exhibits about Sugartown’s restoration in preparation of Historic Sugartown’s 40th Anniversary in 2022.

Please be aware that your submission may be shared on Historic Sugartown’s digital media including its website, newsletter and social media. Please refer to Historic Sugartown’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.