Saddler’s Shop & House

These buildings were constructed in c. 1805 by Joseph Waterman after he had purchased the property from his father Phineas. Waterman operated his business as a saddler and harness maker in the Saddle Shop at the end of the building, while residing next door. When Joseph passed away in 1813, his wife Hannah and their three young children remained at the property. In 1818, Hannah advertised two houses and shops, suitable for a saddler, shoemaker, or tailor, and claimed that the saddling business “commands a good run of custom.” The cottage and saddle shop were purchased by Sharpless Worrall in 1847 as part of the three-acre General Store property. Eventually, this became the home of Hillery and Hannah Worall John after they married and took over proprietorship of the General Store in 1874.

Historic Sugartown adaptively reused the Waterman Cottage and Saddle Shop as two apartments.. The interiors were gutted to make way for significant structural repairs, exposing fascinating architectural details including the hearths and fireplaces, wall cupboards, and stairways. The Waterman Cottage and Saddle Shop were completed in 1992 and now serve as private residences.