The Sharpless Worrall House

Sharpless and his wife Abigail constructed their grand Italianate home in 1860. The house featured elaborate trellises and a hipped roof crowned by a belvedere, providing a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. They made their home here for the rest of their days. In 1885, Hannah and Hillery John moved into the house presumably to take care of Hannah’s elderly parents. A few years after the Johns moved in, they constructed an addition that connected the General Store and the home, and that featured a kitchen and bathroom. The Victorian-era toilet, sink and bathtub are preserved intact on the second floor. Sharpless Worrall passed away in 1885, followed by Abigail in 1896. The Johns remained at the property, and passed it on to their four children. Beatrice John was the only one of the four John children to marry, and her only daughter Beatrice inherited the property. Willistown locals fondly remember “John’s Antique Shop” that Beatrice’s husband Frank Huber ran at the General Store complex. Beatrice Huber finally sold the complex to the newly formed Historic Sugartown, Inc. in December 1982.